Where is everybody?

We’ve been quiet for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean there’s been nothing new. A number of changes have been happening on the back end. Most notably, we’ve gone through a server upgrade.

Seems we outgrew our old home a little while back and needed to move into something bigger (and faster!). There’s also a couple of new things here. First up is the ability to share your tracks with others, without having to give them your key this time… 

Users of the BlackBerry GPS tracker

A map of all our current users

Take a look at the settings page, you’ll see the options there. You also get to decide if you want to share just your current location, or your current location plus all of your saved history. You can share either the regular view, which includes the streetview, or a full screen view. Hope you find it useful.

Also new is the discussion forum. Generally we get a bunch of the same questions repeated, so in future if they’re asked and solved in the forum we’ll be able to create somewhat of a knowledge base where you can find help more easily!

Lastly an update on how we’re doing here. User growth seems to be really picking up steam! Take a look at the global map in the picture to see where all our users are at the moment.

Keep safe,


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