I want this app, how do I install it?

  1. On your Blackberry go to
  2. Click on the “Click here” label
  3. Select Download
  4. When it is installed click run, or look for the BerryLocate icon which looks like a world map, and click on that.
  5. Give the app trusted status and allow it to access the GPS
  6. Click on the BerryLocate icon on your blackberry (It looks like a little map with an arrow on it).
  7. Once you see that co-ordinates have been captured, go to and click on “Find my Phone”.
  8. Enter the key as shown on your BlackBerry screen.

I keep getting a popup saying there is no data for me yet. HELP.

First thing first. Take your battery out and put it back in. If this doesn’t help then consider the options below:

  • Your BlackBerry doesn’t have a built in GPS. Unfortunately there’s no way for this app to function without it.
  • Your GPS is turned off. Please turn it on under Location Settings.
  • Your GPS has no fix. Please take your phone outside or near to a window.
  • Your data service is not functioning. Please check whether you can browse the web using your phone to confirm you have data access.

My track points bounce all over the show.

Firstly are the points bouncing around over a 10 meter radius or over a few kilometers? GPS devices are only accurate to 4 meters on the best of times, so I wouldn’t worry about the odd 10 meters here and there. If it’s a few kilometers of a few hundred like I’ve seen a couple of times then it becomes more of a problem. The reason for this is that most BlackBerry devices now have an assisted GPS. This means they use the cellphone towers to to help the GPS when the GPS signal is bad. At times these towers report an incorrect location and this can seriously deviate from your path. You have two options though:

  • Turn off the assisted GPS under Settings/Device/Location settings. This means you’ll get a fix less often, but when you do it will be much more accurate.
  • Live with it. I never said both options were good options 😉

I’ve lost the link to see where I am.

Look for the BerryLocate icon and click on it again. If your phone is stolen and you don’t have the link then give yourself a good spanking for not being organised, and then contact us using the contact page.