It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

We’ve made a number of changes to the BerryLocate system. Firstly the BlackBerry client now uses far less battery than before, something which was requested by a number of users. Then the information screen on your phone now displays the information from the current fix, allowing you to see what will get logged on the website.

The website has had a number of changes too. Gone is the old unformatted tracking screen, and in it’s place is a much more integrated looking tracking screen. Also you no longer need to type in a long URL with your BlackBerry PIN and key, just come back to and click on “Find my Phone”, then enter your key and click “Go”. This should be far simpler to do, and you can also just read your key to someone over the phone if you’d like them to see where you are.

The current version is 0.92c. To update to the new client (and we really suggest you should) browse to on your blackberry and click on “Download”. Then as before just click on the “Click here” link and the old version will be replaced with the current version.

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Your friendly developer.

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