Doorbells, who needs them!

As some of our more keen eyed users have noticed, there’s a new link on the location viewing page called “Alert Zones”. To tell you what that does I’m going to talk about doorbells and electric fences. Bear with me.

A doorbell is a really simple piece of electronics. Basically it’s one big loop of wire, with a battery and a noise maker somewhere in the loop. Close the loop and you get noise, open it and all is silent.

Now even though it’s so simple, the people in my life can’t seem to keep theirs functioning! I’m forever having to hold keys in my teeth with far too many bags in one hand while trying to pull my phone out from way too deep in my pocket, trying to dial and then be semi-comprehensible!

Well spit out those keys and hang onto those bags, I have just the solution for you. Alert zones…

“What is an alert zone?” you’re asking. Imagine a circular electric fence, but not one that shocks you, one that just rings a bell. This fence could have two purposes, if you cross into it you might want to ring a bell to let someone know you’re there. If you’re crossing out of it, you might want to raise an alarm like they do when the guy in cell block D decides to go for a night time stroll!

What we’ve done here is make these fences imaginary. You can pick any location, and put an imaginary fence around it. The standard distance from the fence to the point is 100m, but this could be any distance you like. 50m around your child’s school, or even 500000m (500km) to cover a whole country. Then you pick whether you’d like to be notified when someone enters the zone, exits the zone, or both.

An alert zone for FranceWe couldn’t figure out how to ring every persons doorbell, so instead we’ve gone for emailing. When you set up the zone there’s a place for you to put the email address, and also a place for the messages you’d like to send to that person.

A couple of uses for these zones are:

  • A zone around your child’s school letting you know if he leaves the school premises. You would then know he’s on the way home. A second ring around your house would let you know he has arrived safely.
  • If your delivery drivers carry BlackBerrys you could put a reasonably large zone around the pickup points which send messages to the stock controllers to get the next delivery ready.
  • And then there’s the previously mentioned doorbells. I’ve knocked and shouted waaay too often to appear normal to my friends and relatives neighbours. Instead what I do now is put zones around their houses, and send them a message to open up when I’m 500m away.

I’m sure there are plenty of other good uses for these zones, and would love to hear yours. Mail them to us at contact’at’

Please note that the alert zones need version 0.95 or better to function…

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