Please note. These features require BerryLocate Version 0.96 or later.
SOS Contact Number(s):
Holding the "Volume Up" button in for 5 seconds activates the SOS feature. BerryLocate will send an SMS containing your last known co-ordinates, and a link to your live tracking map to the people in this field. Multiple numbers can be separated with a comma. For example: +27825551234, 0831234567. For more information click here.
SOS Notification E-mail(s):
In addition, BerryLocate will send an e-mail containing your last known co-ordinates, and a link to your live tracking map to the people in this field. Again multiple e-mail addresses can be separated with a comma. For example: [email protected], [email protected]
Speed Limit (To disable use 999): km/h
Speed Limit Notification E-mail(s):
If this phone is exceeding the specified speed limit, the e-mail addresses listed above will receive a notification. Multiple addresses can be used.
Share my location:
If you select yes, your location will be available on the following URL:
Share my location history:
If you select yes your full location history will be shown, if you select no only your last location will be shown.
Advanced Settings
These settings can make a large difference to the levels of accuracy, or the battery consumption of the app. If you are unsure of how to set them rather leave them as default.
Location fix type:
  • Standalone GPS - This mode uses only the GPS satellites to make a fix. It is high on battery use, and can take time to receive a fix. This mode is only recommended if your provider blocks other types of location data as in the case of Verizon.
  • Assisted GPS - This is as accurate as the standalone GPS, receives a fix far faster and uses medium levels of battery power. This is the generally recommended option.
  • Cellsite Tracking - While this method uses virtually no battery power, and allows for very fast fixes, it is not very accurate. Accuracy levels may be worse than 1km at times. This is the only method which works indoors though. Please note that some network operators do not allow this to be used.
  • Off - Does what it says, turns the tracking off. The SOS feature will still operate, and immediately switch back to assisted GPS mode. Please note, if you turn tracking off, and later activate it, it may take up to an hour to activate. To avoid this you could do a battery pull.
  • Recording Interval:
    How often would you like the GPS to try get a fix. The shorter the time period, the higher the batterry use will be. We recommend once a minute.
    Delay before going into sleep mode:
    If you haven't moved for this amount of time, you can set the GPS to go into sleep (battery saver) mode. This will set the recording interval to the value specified below. Default settings are to switch to a 3 minute recording interval after detecting no movement for 3 minutes. Once movement is detected again the system will revert to the normal recording interval.
    Recording interval in sleep mode:
    Be careful with the following:
    If you would like to delete ALL your trackpoints click here: Note this cannot be reversed and will clear everything including any saved trips.